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pianothefish's Journal

18 April
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I'm Lisa.
acoustic covers, actually knowing things, animal crackers, anti-aging techniques, any type of celebrity, being a passenger, being amused at things, being indecisive, being nice to people, being scared of islands, being vegan, blasians like tyson beckford, brenda dickson, british people, canon sd550, celebrating things, computers, cookoo clocks, disliking animals, endearing people, family pictures, family watchdog website, fearing lil jon, fishing boats, following the latest crazes, fornarina, frail people, frogs, getting people exciting gifts, grandfather clocks, gregg valentino, hating lil wayne, holidays, how is babby formed, interesting eyes, jones carbonated candies, kanye west's blog posts, knowing where i'm going, last.fm, lip gloss, loling, longer haired indio downey, making car cds, making lists, making pancakes, making shower cds, martha stewart and lot-keys, music videos, newman-os, non-attached earlobes, not being cold, not getting papercuts, not getting skin cancer, not really doing that, not tanning, not understanding twitter, old home videos, ontd, oranges, pb&j, plasma tv's, playing along with tricksters, playing one-person tic-tac-toe, post secret, pretending i know everything, purell hand sanitizer, purple staples, rap songs, recycling, remixes, rewriting lists, sarcasm, saving paper, seitan, singing any time, sleeping in 100% darkness, sneezing, sombreros, spell check on internet, strangely psychology sometimes, swirly chairs, target, telling myself i'm wonderful, the canadian prime minister, the color orange, the cool google designs, the night troopas, the word bitchassness, throwing lists away, tic tacs, tigers, tofu teriyaki, trying to stay awake, university of maryland, urban dictionary, using "omg ya'll", vegan eggplant parm, waking up late, washing hands, wasting time on facebook, watching hallmark channel movies, water, wife swap crazies, yawning


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